Jen and Jon in the big city!


Hello and welcome back to another adventure of Jen & Jon!

This last Saturday we had the pleasure of attending a giants baseball game in San Fransisco with my brother and sister in law :) 

We had left our house at 8am in Sacramento, with hopes we would have some time to shoot some street photography while we were there. With a quick stop in Davis for breakfast, we didn't get into the city until 11, Thats were we really got to experience city drivers lol. Took us a 1/2 hr to get thru the toll booth, not because there weren't enough tolls open, but because of the jive ass turkey drivers!  Geez sooo glad I wasn't driving! Prob would have gotten into another dispute with another driver! 


We were running out of time for my street photography shoot, sooo we headed straight to find parking at at&t stadium. Needless to say that took forever too, ugh. But we had arrived just on time for the game! Just enough time to get some ball park food and find our seats (great seats by the way! Good pick bro! ) nachos, pretzels, hot dogs, cotton candy, ohh my! Have you ever gone anywhere public with someone who has ADD? (Self diagnosed that is lol) its extremely hard to focus on the thing you went to go see! So with all the people, vendors, excitement, tvs, kids, the public in general. There was too much to look at, and my eyes and brain hurt so bad! I was barely able to pay attention to the game! Ugh whoa is me. 

It was a fantastic game, giants won 9-4. Its always a good time to go to a pro game where your team wins! Such a moral booster! And we got free giants hats :) :) 

When the game was over we decided to head back home, because my brother and sister in law had to work in Redding the next morning. So by the time we got to the parking lot, traffic was a bust, so we decided to tail gate it and enjoy watching the stoopid people try to get out of the small chain link fenced off area for parking with one entrance and exit. Wish we had an ice chest full of beers, but all we had was our wits and a sense of humor lol that seems to work best :) 


After people watching for a while, I decided to get my camera out! We weren’t going anywhere any time soon, so why not make the best of the situation! So Jon and I started wandering through the parking lot, keeping in mind we were just on an abandoned cement lot, with chain link fence all around us lol.  I let him take the wheel and take some pictures of me for a while. We were trying to get some reflection pictures thru my sunglasses, but we were too far away from the palm trees I wanted in the pic :( but we did manage to get some cool shots! Then we traded, photographer to model, and model to photographer. At first I was a little disappointed that we weren’t going to get the “street photography” I had planned on getting, so my first pictures were bummy, but once I got my head around it and decided to make the best of the situation I noticed the pictures were turning out pretty well :) its all about attitude and how you perceive it! 

So all in all, we had a fantastic road trip with my brother and sister in law, great time and great memories! And just learning how to make the best of any given situation! Next time ill have my shutter speed up to par! And I won’t forget chapstick! Lol 

Heres to the next adventure! 

As always, signing off with love :)