Hello Umbrella Media Friends and Family! ☂

Hello Umbrella Media friends and family! 


So I have decided to let everyone in on our life with Steel Umbrella, and Umbrella Media, and how would I do that? Start a lifestyle blog! So here goes nothing! 

A little about me you ask? I thought you would never ask! My name is Jennifer Parker, but I prefer to go by Jen :) I am the girlfriend to the hardworking, creative, wonderful man, who created STEEL UMBRELLA, Jon Fisher, and Fur Mama to my beautiful, spoiled, furry babies Penny and Whiskey! 

I love strong coffee, red wines, and craft beers. When I travel im usually in search of one of those three items. It gives my “shoot from the hip” photography trips a sense of purpose lol. 


I moved to the Sacramento area 3 years ago! March 25th is the day that changed my life forever. By deciding to take the leap, and move away from everything I have ever known up until that point in my life, be it my family, friends, experiences, moments, I said goodbye to the familiar. And hello to new and unfamiliar everything. Moving to be with the man I love, the new experiences the new friendships, the fur babies, the life that we have built together is a life that I could have never imagined. One that I am proud and amazed everyday to be apart of.


I have provided a picture of us the day I moved 3 years ago, (picture top right) Im hoping this blog will be an insight into the wonderful world of starting a business, the ups and down, the struggles, and the small goals with the highest of high fives!

Creating STEEL UMBRELLA has created an artistic outlet for the both of us. And by branching into UMBRELLA MEDIA, it has given me and outlet to make my dream of a photographer come true. And hopefully this blog will give you an insight to the busy, hectic, exciting, never a dull moment, entertaining, life that we live in :) 

While my boyfriend is the mastermind behind STEEL UMBRELLA, I am the camera behind UMBRELLA MEDIA. Whats the difference between STEEL UMBRELLA and UMBRELLA MEDIA? STEEL UMBRELLA focuses more on the physical aspect of the art world, be it making authentic one of a kind art decor for your business, to wedding rentals to powder coating car parts and beyond... UMBRELLA MEDIA focuses more on the digital world of photography, videography, and now blogging 😜. 

I hope you are as excited to join this journey, as I am excited to bring you along! 

Iv been working on some sort of sign off, and I think im just gonna say what I do best…..

my creepy giggle laugh, mic drop and walk away. Parker Out!  

Maybe ill keep working on it....